3 Great Reasons to Travel with Carry-On Luggage.

Imagine travelling for months on end with everything you need, contained to a mere 10 kilograms, strapped to your back. Through airports you turn a blind eye to ‘bag drop’ and in layover destinations, you forego the expense of lockers and BagBnB. All the while, saving much needed funds that will likely afford you lunch, precious time, and a back bone. As well, your (few) prized possessions are in the safest of keepings, – high on your shoulders, with you.

For 10 months my boyfriend and I have been travelling with carry-on luggage. Among the infinite of decisions we’ve made on a whim, this is right up there with the best of them. Genius in fact. And one of which I’d highly encourage fellow wanderers to follow suit for more reasons than one.

Note. The standardised carry-on specification for most airlines is 22cm x 35cm x 56cm. With luggage weight ranging from 7-10 kilograms per person. Booking class and loyalty program status can influence accepted weight therefore it’s best to always review the terms of the provider(s) prior to booking. Or (like us), be prepared to throw on a few extra layers at check-in. #budgettravel

1. You Will Save That Much Money That You Can Stay a Little Longer.

It’s no secret that checked-luggage costs are increasingly on the rise. As airlines drop their fares something needs to compensate. And surprise, the ‘hidden’ costs of supposed luxury travel (a checked-bag for example with criminally-inflated excess fees) is just the thing.

Not only will carry-on luggage waive $20 per flight at the very least, locker/storage fees, and tipping fees; it will save you from meaningless and unlikely purchases because finding space within your already challenged parameters is a probable occurrence. So, pass on the money-traps, venture a little further and stay a little longer.

2. The Environment Will Thank You.

A considered load with make you think twice about what you really need. For example, what is essential and versatile, and what is ‘nice to have’. We all have items that would look great on Insta with the most beautiful of worldly backdrops… Stop right there! We’re in this for the long haul to explore the many cultures and curiosities from afar. Only practical and transeasonal items intended for long and hard-wearing are required. Give thought to natural fibres that breathe well, as well have insulating properties; wool, cotton and linens for example, and practise a ‘slow’ approach to fashion. Not only with the environment thank you, but fewer items create space and opportunity to gather precious and meaningful keepsakes throughout your adventures.

3. You Will Save So Much Time for More Pressing Issues. Like Seeing the World!

In any context, time is the most precious of commodities. And when you’re on the road with incredible experiences in reach; maximising opportunities and savouring all the moments is absolute priority. Waiting for a dwindling bag to surface (if it does) from the carousel, or researching storage facilities is far from #goals. Carry-on baggage let’s you run (quite literally if you need to) free, and move efficiently to exciting locales. Packing and repacking your hassle-free mobile wardrobe will become something of habit. Not only will a smaller pack save time in deciding what you’re going to wear (because let’s be honest, choices are few), but your packing and repacking skills will be somewhat reminiscent to Tetris in time-lapse.

Investing in a quality carry-on bag is without question, an investment toward a heightened globe-trotting adventure. Not only is a modest-sized carrier more manageable on the whole, it will maximise opportunities in the funds department, save time, improve comfort and maintain your sanity. Allowing you to be at your absolute best to stay a while, and to wander far and free.

Bon Voyage!

Travel Tip: We bought the ‘Kathmandu Litehaul 38L Carry-On Pack’ ahead of our travels and they’ve been one of the best purchases to date. Not only are they great for the environment (made with 29 recycled plastic bottles), they’re incredibly hardy and have lots of compartments (and sneaky hidden compartments), lockable main zips and double as a shoulder bag. They’re super comfortable to wear and available in a few colours so you can get ‘his and hers’ like us. Cute!

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2 thoughts on “3 Great Reasons to Travel with Carry-On Luggage.

  1. Great post. Totally agree that “Traveling light” has all sorts of benefits. I’m not down to carry-on-luggage only yet but will definitely think about it for our next trip after reading this. Thanks


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