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Tri-life. Getting Started.

The Beginning of the End (My Savings Plan!)

May 28 2018 |

Triathlon. 3 sports in one, thrice the crazy and 3 times the fun. Definitely something that I would encourage everyone to try their hand at just once. No matter the distance or speed, rather, just the best effort you can produce on the day. Because more than likely, it will hurt-so-good and you will question your sanity (or insanity), but it won’t be your last.

There’s something about this sport that keeps you coming back, time over. It will empty your pockets (you just gotta learn to say ‘no’ to the shiny new gear), it will challenge you, the most fun and supportive sporting community will pull you in, and it will change you.

In July this year, I would have been a part of this ‘tri’ community for 2 years. My first race wasn’t until November ’16 – a sprint distance event in Melbourne’s bayside. My next event would be the Western Australian Ironman, just a few weeks later…

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The Canberra Times Australian Running Festival

Canberra Half Marathon & Marathon

April 15 2018 | Presented by Tata Consultancy Services

Ask anyone, (anyone who enjoys running that is) and the majority will say that running a city is the best way to discover the sights. For someone who hadn’t been to Canberra in a number of years, and for one who had never been, this theory rang true.

The headline event of The Australian Running Festival, – the Canberra Marathon is said to be Australia’s oldest city marathon, which has been held since 1976. It takes place in early April each year and incorporates some family fun and friendlier distances of 5kms and 10kms on the Saturday, followed by the half-marathon, marathon and ultra-marathon (50kms) on the Sunday.

Despite a very fresh start (8 Deg. – no surprises there really), as well some strong head winds to contest, the course itself (from a tourist’s perspective) was a scenic, mostly flat tour of the nation’s capital.

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Mentone Marathon Swim ~ 10kms

March 17 2018 | Hosted by Mentone Lifesaving Club.

A marathon swim. 10kms. No typo there, but indeed one of those ideas that perhaps seemed rather ‘good at the time’.

… Coming off the back of an unsettling result from Ironman WA ’17, in the sense that that the swim leg was cancelled (my favourite! – new mindset required) and that sunny WA put on a scorcher of a day with a casual 36 degrees, which in turn had its effects; I needed a new challenge to set my sights on.

And so, upon scrolling through the open water swim calendar for events in and around Melbourne that might be interesting, the Mentone Marathon Swim caught my eye. 10kms. Hmm, achievable. It would be the equivalent of 2x IM swim legs + a bit more.

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